Which of Kylie's unreleased tracks and mixes have leaked onto the Internet?

The following are the unreleased tracks that have leaked organised by album era [year in brackets is the year of leak] - there have been others that have since been released officially, such as Stay This Way and Made of Glass.

Kylie Minogue
  • If I Was Your Lover (Original Version) [?]
  • Aston Martin [1998]
  • Automatic Love (Original Version) [1998 (clip from 'Wavelengths' short film) and 2010? (full)]
  • For All I'm Worth [2003]
  • Our Lovin' (The Light That I Was Looking For) [2003] (17 secs clip)
  • At The End of the Day [2010]
  • Living For Your Loving [2014]
  • Love Is On The Line (BiR Version) [2015]
Impossible Princess
  • You're the One [1998]
Light Years
  • Please Stay (Pumpin' Dolls Vocal Epic Club Mix) [2002]
  • Paper Dolls (Acoustic Version) [released by Steve Anderson on Soundcloud in 2010]
  • No Better [2002]
  • So High [2006]
  • Feels So Good [2006]
Body Language
  • I'm Just Here For the Music [2004]
  • My Image Unlimited [2004]
  • Trippin' Me Up [2006 - alternative versions/mixes leaked in 2007]
  • I'm Sorry [2006]
  • Chocolate (featuring Ludacris) [2006]
  • On the Up [2006]
  • On the Up (Version 2) [?]
  • Slow (Marsheaux Remix) [2009?]
  • Boombox [2010]
Ultimate Kylie
  • I Know [2004]
  • Loving You [2005]
  • BPM (Version 1) [2010?]
  • Fall For You (Version #1) [2006 - leaked by Biffco]
  • Fall For You (Version #2) [2007]
  • Excuse My French [2007 - not Kylie]
  • When the Cat's Away [2007 - not Kylie]
  • Lose Control [2007]
  • In My Arms (Demo) [2007]
  • Sensitized (Demo) [2007]
  • Rippin' Up The Disco (Demo) [2007?]
  • I'm Ready / Survivor [2007]
  • In The Mood For Love [2007 - leaked by Mylo]
  • Spell of Desire [2007 - leaked by Mylo]
  • In The Mood For Love (Demo) [2007 - leaked by Mylo]
  • Spell of Desire (Demo) [2007 - leaked by Mylo]
  • Ruffle My Feathers (Bitrocka Mix) [2009]
  • Sexual Gold (The Slips Remix) [2009?]
  • Extra Ordinary Day / Taprobane [2010]
  • Come Down [2010]
  • My Love is Real [2010]
  • You're Hot [2014]
  • Guess [2014]
  • Love Attack [2014]
  • Ruffle my Feathers [2014]
  • Acid Min [2016]
  • Down [2017]
  • Nudity (Ruff Edit) [2017]
  • Sexual Gold (Demo) [2017]
  • Cherry Bomb (Ruff Edit) [2017]
  • When The Song Comes On [2017]
  • Ooh [2017]
  • Classical Transit [2017]
  • I Can't Help That [2017]
  • Osmondosis [2017]
  • Simple Boy [2017]
  • One To One [not Kylie - 2017]
  • Give Up To Love [not Kylie - 2017]
  • Never Be Lonely [not Kylie - 2017]
  • To The 9's [not Kylie - 2017]
  • Can't Get Enough [not Kylie - 2017]
  • No More Rain (Demo) [2017]
  • What's It Gonna Take? [2017]
  • Don't Know What It Is (Demo) [2017]
  • Right Here, Right Now [2017]
  • Like Love [2017]
  • You Make Me Feel [2017]
  • Something 2 Believe In [2017]
  • Boombox [various mixes leaked in 2007/2008]
  • Love Love Love (Broken Hearted) [2010]
  • Change Your Mind [2010]
  • Music Will Always Love You [2013]
Kiss Me Once
  • Waiting 4 The Sun
  • Sugar Rush [2016]
  • Voodoo [2016]
  • In the Name of Love [2022]

What was on the Kylie X sampler 3-disc CDR set?

In May 2007, news spread of a 3-disc CDR set containing 49 Kylie demos being in the hands of a Kylie fan. Some of the tracks have titles the same as old demos and releases. At least seven of the songs are tracks pitched to Kylie and are sung by session singers but around 42 of the other demos are true Kylie demos and outtakes. A few of the tracks leaked onto the Internet in the following years, with the majority of the remaining tracks leaking on 3rd/4th February 2017. Thanks to Kane Walker for much of this information. The tracks on this CDR set are:

  1. Rippin Up The Disco (Demo) 03:31 (leaked February 2017; final version officially released as a free download with album)
  2. Down 03:01 (mislabelled as 'Down Down'; leaked February 2017)
  3. Nudity (Ruff Edit) 03:16 (leaked February 2017; final version released on the album)
  4. Sexual Gold (Demo) 03:45 (leaked February 2017)
  5. Cherry Bomb (Ruff Edit) 04:06 (leaked February 2017; final version released as a B-side)
  6. Heart Beat Rock 03:24 (officially released; mislabelled as 'Heartbreak Rock')
  7. When The Song Comes On 03:43 (leaked February 2017)
  8. Guess 01:47 (leaked May 2014)
  9. Ooh 03:33 (leaked February 2017; not to be confused with the 2004 Scissor Sisters demo)
  10. My Love Is Real 03:33 (leaked February 2010)
  11. Classical Transit 03:03 (leaked February 2017)
  12. I Can't Help That 04:36 (leaked February 2017)
  13. Acid Min 03:08 (leaked March 2016)
  14. Osmondosis 02:59 (leaked February 2017)
  15. Simple Boy 04:07 (leaked February 2017)
  16. * One To One 04:22 (leaked February 2017)
  17. * Give Up To Love 03:46 (leaked February 2017)
  18. * Never Be Lonely 03:43 (leaked February 2017)
  19. * To The 9's 03:59 (leaked February 2017)
  20. Two Hearts 02:54 (officially released)
  21. * Can't Get Enough 03:23 (leaked February 2017)
  22. No More Rain (Demo) 04:02 (leaked February 2017; final version officially released on the album)
  23. In My Arms (Demo) 03:38 (leaked May 2007; final version officially released on the album)
  24. Stars (Demo) 03:45 (leaked May 2007; final version officially released on the album)
  25. What's It Gonna Take? 04:33 (leaked February 2017)
  26. Hush Hush (re-labelled version of 'Sexual Gold')
  27. Fall For You (Version #1) 03:11 (this version is slower than version #2 - leaked on Biffco website)
  28. Fall For You (Version #2) 03:37 (leaked in May 2007)
  29. I Don't Know What It Is (Demo) 04:02 (labelled as 'Don't Know What It Is' and leaked February 2017; a shorter version was officially released as a B-side)
  30. Right Here, Right Now 03:44 (mislablled as 'Thing Called Love'; leaked February 2017)
  31. Ruffle My Feathers 04:08 (listed as 'Everlasting Love' - performed live on tour and leaked July 2014)
  32. Like Love 03:37 (mislabelled as 'Hold On'; leaked February 2017)
  33. You Make Me Feel 04:10 (leaked February 2017; not to be confused with the 2003 "Body Language" track)
  34. The One 04:05 (officially released)
  35. Love Attack 03:32 (mislabelled as 'So Safe'; leaked May 2014)
  36. Extra Ordinary Day 03:39 (leaked February 2010; also known as 'Taprobane')
  37. Something 2 Believe In 03:53 (leaked February 2017)
  38. Come Down 03:40 (leaked February 2010)
  39. You're Hot 03:30 (leaked May 2014)
  40. Sensitized (Demo) 03:49 (leaked May 2007; final version officially released on the album)
  41. Lose Control 04:12 (leaked in May 2007)
  42. * Tell You Why
  43. Like A Drug (Mastermix) (final version officially released on the album)
  44. * The Reason
  45. ** Into The Light
  46. ** Tell It Like It Is (Richard Stannard/Stuart Crichton/Rob Davis/Kylie Minogue)
  47. ** Tell Me That It's Over
  48. ** We Are
  49. ** Drop The Pressure

* Labelled as Kylie but actually sung by session singers.

** Pitched demos sung by session singers.

What is the City Games album?

City Games was a fake tracklisting for Kylie's third album with Parlophone that was 'leaked' onto the web before the official Body Language announcement. Not only did it have full writing credits for all of the tracks, but contained three tracks that have since been released and even had a full track-by-track review written by someone. Whether there was some truth in the rumoured album is therefore uncertain. However, the tracklisting contains a track co-written by Kylie's sister, Dannii, which has since been denied, and also two tracks with Pharrell Williams of Neptunes fame, which have also been denied. The tracklisting was as follows:

  • Slow (Kylie Minogue/Emiliana Torrini/Mr Dan)
    Produced by Emiliana Torrini and Mr Dan
  • City Games (Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/Julian Gallagher/Dave Morgan/Karen Poole)
    Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard & Julian Gallagher
  • You Make Me Feel (Kylie Minogue/Tommy D/Marius DeVries/Felix Howard)
    Produced by Tommy D & Marius DeVries
  • E-Z St (Pharrell Williams/Chad Hugo/Stevie Wonder)
    Produced by Pharrell Williams
  • In The Dark (Kylie Minogue/Emiliana Torrini/Dan Carey)
    Produced by Emiliana Torrini and Mr Dan
  • How Can You Say No? (Kylie Minogue/Dannii Minogue/Kurtis Mantronik)
    Produced by Kurtis Mantronik
  • Second Thoughts (Tommy D/Marius DeVries)
    Produced by Tommy D & Marius DeVries
  • Heavy Handed (Kylie Minogue/Cathy Dennis/Kurtis Mantronik)
    Produced by Kurtis Mantronik
  • Fly (Kylie Minogue/Kurtis Mantronik/Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson)
    Produced by Kurtis Mantronik
  • Attention Seeker (Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/Julian Gallagher/Dave Morgan)
    Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard & Julian Gallagher
  • That Certain Something (Chris Braide)
    Produced by Emiliana Torrini and Mr Dan
  • Beat U (Kylie Minogue/Pharrell Williams)
    Produced by Pharrell Williams

What is 'Hearing Aid - A World Without Music'?

It's a charity single released in 1985 in Australia by Festival Records featuring a very young Kylie. Proceeds went to the Australian Deafness Council. Written by Ricky May, Peter Sullivan and Jim Burnett. Produced by Greg Pethwig, Peter Sullivan & Ricky May. Recorded at Flagstaff Studios, Melbourne.

What albums by other artists feature Kylie?

Thanks to Patrick Coughlan for help with this list. Know of any other albums featuring Kylie? Please contact me if you can help!

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads [1996] - Where the Wild Roses Grow
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads [1996] - Death is Not the End
  • Towa Tei - Sound Museum [1998] - GBI
  • Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife [1999] - In Denial
  • Gerling - When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun (AKA Headzcleaner in the UK) [2001] - G House Project
  • Beautiful People Soundtrack [2008] - The Winner Takes It All
  • Christophe Willem - Caféine [2009] - Sensitized
  • Hurts - Happiness [2010] - Devotion
  • Scissor Sisters - Night Work [2010] - Any Which Way
  • Laura Pausini - 20 The Greatest Hits [2013] - Limpido
  • Flight Facilities - Down to Earth [2014] - Crave You Reprise
  • Jools Holland - Sirens of Song [2014] - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Nervo - Collateral [2015] - The Other Boys
  • Zoot Woman - Absence [2017] - Still Feels Like The First Time

What was the Rapino Brothers' album?

Rapino Brothers CDR Promo (unconfirmed)There was no Rapino Brothers' album, as such, but Kylie did record 8 tracks with them in preparation for her first album with deConstruction. They were recorded in 1993, and some still remain unreleased or unheard. The eight tracks were:

  • Automatic Love

    Although the track was included on the album, produced by Brothers in Rhythm, the original demo was produced by the Rapino Brothers. A 47-sec clip of the demo is available on the Internet after having been used in the closing credits of the short-film Wavelengths in 1997.

  • Edyta Gorniak's Love Is On The LineLove Is On The Line

    Like Automatic Love, this track was also later re-recorded with Brothers in Rhythm. It has since been recorded by Polish artist Edyta Gorniak.

  • Our Lovin' / The Light That I Was Looking For

    Later covered by Dara Rolins for BMG Germany, Kylie's version apparently starts with sampled chatter and the Rapinos introducing the song. A 17-sec clip has been leaked onto the Internet.

  • For All I'm Worth

    Leaked onto the Internet in 2003.

  • Aston Martin

    Widely available on the Internet, this track was falsely rumoured to have been co-written by Keith Allen. Mentioned in The Face interview in 1994.

  • Hits+Difficult By Design

    Along with Gotta Move On, this was unreleased at the time but later included on the Hits+ album in 2000.

  • Gotta Move On

    Along with Difficult by Design, this was unreleased at the time but later included on the Hits+ album in 2000.

  • Living For Your Loving

    Leaked onto the Internet in 2014.

At around the same time, Kylie also recorded two tracks with St Etienne:
  • Nothing Can Stop Us

    The only one of these nine tracks that was commercially released in its original form during Kylie's contract with deConstruction. Nothing Can Stop Us was one of the B-sides to Confide in Me.

  • When Are You Coming Home?

    This track remains unheard and was rejected by Kylie on the grounds that it was too 'pure pop' for inclusion.

What tracks were on the original version of the Impossible Princess album?

Impossible PrincessKylie recorded a whole album with Brothers in Rhythm that was due to be released in January 1997. However, it was decided that she should record with other producers and so some of the original tracks were never released. The original tracklisting was as follows:

  • Impossible Princess [later retitled 'Dreams' and included on the album]
  • (All Right) Now [remains unreleased]
  • You're The One [remains unreleased but leaked onto the Internet]
  • Looking Down On Me [remains unreleased]
  • Love Takes Over Me [released as a b-side]
  • Drunk [included on album]
  • Cowboy Style [included on album]
  • Did It Again (Clever Girl) [included on album]
  • Stay With You [remains unreleased]
  • Take Me With You [leaked then later released]
  • Stay This Way [leaked then later released]
  • Free [not confirmed to have been recorded but performed live]
  • Miles [remains unreleased]

Is High Energy Boy / True Love Never Dies / A Love We'll Find / Listen to the Rhythm a Kylie track?

Short answer: No. Due in part to widespread mis-labelling of tracks on P2P networks etc., these tracks are often attributed to Kylie but are in, in fact, nothing to do with her.

  • High Energy Boy is by a Slovenian dance duo called 'Moulin Rouge' (not from the film Moulin Rouge) and was recorded in the 1980s. Visit the Moulin Rouge website for more information.
  • True Love Never Dies is by Kelly Llorenna and features on her album 'All Clubbed Up'. Visit the Kelly Llorenna website for more information.
  • A Love We'll Find was heard on a Brothers in Rhythm night on Radio 1 and thought to be Kylie singing. It is in fact a track called 'Talk to Me' (Sasha Remix) by Hysterix.
  • Listen to the Rhythm was a track released by PWL under the artist name 'K3M'. This was during the time when PWL were releasing club records by Kylie on white label promos under the pseudonym of Angel K. However, the vocal sample believed to be Kylie comes from a track by a group called GTO entitled 'Listen To The Rhythm Flow'.

What tracks did Kylie record for her original demo tape for Mushroom Records in 1985?

Kylie used the money she made from The Henderson Kids to book the studio time to record a 3-track demo tape. The tracks were:

  • Dim All the Lights [originally by Donna Summer]
  • New Attitude [originally by Patti LaBelle]
  • Just Once

What tracks has Kylie performed live but never recorded?

Kylie has performed a few tracks live that have never been recorded for commercial release. These are:

  • Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves [duet with Dannii on Australian Kids TV Show 'Young Talent Time' in October 1986 and also with Elton John at Equality '95]
  • Twist My Arm [duet with Dannii at Australian 'Say No To Drugs' concert in April 1987]
  • No One Is To Blame [duet with Jason Donovan at Australian 'Say No To Drugs' concert in April 1987]
  • Endless Love [duet with Jason Donovan on Australian Kids TV Show 'Young Talent Time' in July 1987]
  • Help [performed at the John Lennon Tribute on 5th March 1990 - available on video]
  • Blame It On The Boogie / ABC [performed on the Enjoy Yourself tour 1990]
  • Dance To The Music [performed on the Enjoy Yourself tour 1990]
  • Love Train [performed on the Let's Get To It tour 1991]
  • Fly Me To The Moon [performed at Dannii's wedding 1993]
  • We Are Family [performed at Dannii's wedding 1993]
  • Rescue Me [performed on 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush' 1995]
  • Baby Doll [performed with the Manic Street Preachers at their concert on 15th December 1996]
  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go? [performed on the Jonathan Ross Show and on the Intimate & Live tour (released on the live CD) 1998]
  • Sweet Dreams [performed with Sinead O'Connor and Natalie Imbruglia on TFI Friday October 1998 - watch the video on YouTube]
  • Shout [performed with John Farnham at the Tour of Duty concert in 2000]
  • Jingle Bell Rock [performed at the Tour of Duty concert in 2000]
  • Rockin' Robin [performed at the Tour of Duty concert in 2000 along with Santa Baby]
  • Victims [performed at G.A.Y in 2000]
  • Kylie at the OlympicsDancing Queen [performed at the Sydney Olympics closing ceremony in 2000 along with On a Night Like This - this live version has since been released]
  • Waltzing Matilda [performed with Paralympics opening cermoney in 2000, along with Celebration]
  • Livin' La Vida Loca [duet with Ricky Martin on 'An Audience with Ricky Martin' in 2000]
  • The Crying Game [performed as part of the 'Ballads Section' on the KylieFever2002 tour]
  • I Feel Love [performed a mix of this with Light Years on the KylieFever2002 tour]
  • Je T'aime [performed a mix of this with Breathe at the Money Can't Buy concert in 2003]
  • Vogue [performed a mix of this with Burning Up at Kylie Showgirl Homecoming 2006]
  • Come On Strong [performed on Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny December 31st 2007]
  • Dance Tonight [duet with Paul McCartney performed on Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny December 31st 2007]
  • Como Un Lobo [duet with Miguel Bosé at MTV Day 2009 held in Madrid July 2nd 2009]

What classic Jazz tracks did Kylie record for the unreleased Jazz album in 2004?

This list still needs completing, but they include:

  • Try Your Wings
  • You Are There
  • I Put a Spell On You

What were the HotDiscs fan club CDs?

These were bootleg CDs produced by the former Australian website HotDiscs for members of the online mailing list. Although unofficial the 1996 & 1997 ones are factory pressed CD's. Tracklistings for some of the releases are as follows:

  • DATA TRACK (Pictures, videos etc)
  • Kylie: Made In Heaven (Hotdiscs Intro)
  • Love Is Waiting
  • DMC Megamix (1992)
  • Hand On Your Heart (Heartache Mix)
  • Too Much Of A Good Thing (Ultimix)
  • Always Find The Time (Discotech)
  • Getting Closer
  • Confide In Me (French Version)
  • Rescue Me (Live)
  • Glad To Be Alive
  • Made In Heaven (Hotdiscs Megamix)
  • DATA TRACK (Pictures, videos etc)
  • Better The Devil You Know (Movers & Shakers Club Mix)
  • Time Will Pass You By (Wand's Silver Screen Mix)
  • Made In Heaven (Heaven Scent Mix)
  • Locomotion (Chugga-Motion Mix)
  • If I Was Your Lover (Original Version)
  • Step Back In Time (DMC Big Shock Mix)
  • Love At First Sight (Hot Tracks Rose Coloured Glasses Mix)
  • Put Yourself In My Place (Live)
  • Look My Way (Hotdiscs Burnimix)

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