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Official Sites

Kylie.com - www.kylie.com
The official international Kylie Minogue website.
Kylie @ Twitter - twitter.com/kylieminogue
Kylie's official Twitter feed.
Kylie @ RocNation - rocnation.com/artists/kylie-minogue/
Kylie's management company.
Kylie @ Warner Music Australia - www.warnermusic.com.au/kylie-minogue
Kylie page at Warner Music Australia.
Kylie @ Warner Music Germany - www.warnermusic.de/kylie-minogue
German site for Kylie.
Kylie @ Warner Music Japan - wmg.jp/artist/kylieminogue/
Japanese site for Kylie.

Fan Sites

SayHey - www.sayhey.co.uk
The most popular Kylie discussion forum.
Kylie Minogue Brasil - www.kylieminogue.com.br
Brazilian Kylie Minogue site.
KylieMinogue.it - www.kylieminogue.it
Fantastic looking Flash Kylie site from Italy.
KylieMinogue.com.pl - www.kylieminogue.com.pl
Polish Kylie site.
Kylie World - www.kylie.org.uk
Great Kylie site.
Kylie Mania - www.kyliemania.ru
Russian Kylie Minogue site.
Kylie Minogue Russia - www.kylieminogue.ru
Russian Kylie Minogue site.

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