Soul on Fire

Ooh yeah, there you were
Standing outside the door
Years since I told you I
Couldn't go on this way no more
Had no explanation
Thought I was so very sure
Oh, oh

So you went on your way
Hitting up at the party scene
Acting as if you were
Entirely over me
Dancing with all the ladies
Just so the news would make it
Directly to the hot hot line
Now you're setting my soul on fire

Woah, Woah
Didn't know how good it was till you were gone
Woah, Woah

Now you're playing with my head
And you only forget
All the things I put you through
But I never stopped loving you
Forget all that I said
Can't we go back to bed
Let bygones go on by
'Cause now you're setting by soul on fire

Woah, Woah
Didn't know how good it was 'til you were gone
Woah, Woah
Now I only want you back so come on home
Woah, Woah
Didn't know how much I'd miss you on my own
Oh, baby come on home

So find it in your heart
Hear my apology
We've taken it this far
Don't you want the rest
The best of me


[Repeat Chorus]


  • Written by: Kylie Minogue / Dan Carey / Emiliana Torrini
  • Produced by: Sunnyroads at Dog Studios, London

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