After signing with dance-oriented label deConstruction, Kylie started recording her new album, collaborating with many different people in the music business including the Pet Shop Boys, M People and Brothers in Rhythm. After a few false starts, the result was Kylie Minogue, released in September 1994.

The album was preceded by the release of Confide in Me, a string-filled five minute long slow track written by Steve Anderson and Kylie herself (b-sides Nothing Can Stop Us - the first song Kylie recorded after signing with deConstruction and originally due to be the first single, and If You Don't Love Me, a cover of the Prefab Sprout track). CiM returned Kylie to the success she was used to, reaching number 2 in the UK charts. The album followed, reaching number 4, another success following the disappointing sales of her previous studio album.

The follow up Put Yourself In My Place, another ballad, was not quite so well received, reaching only number 11 in the UK charts in November. It was a slightly edited version of the original album track. The video featured Kylie floating in a space craft, slowly undressing until completely naked. It was inspired by the 1960's erotic space classic Barbarella starring Jane Fonda.

If I Was Your Lover was planned as the next release from the album, although deConstruction planned to release it in the USA first and see how well it did there. When the record deal in America fell through, the single's release was scrapped in the UK.

The last single to be released from the album, Where is the Feeling? reached number 16 in the charts in July 1995 (possibly hindered by the release of only 1 CD rather than the now typical 2, despite 2 CDs being planned - this is the reason for there being two pictures of Kylie on the cover of the CD - it was initially planned for there to be one picture on each CD). Where is the Feeling? is possibly one of the most remixed Kylie tracks ever. Brothers in Rhythm provided 3 mixes, including the two radio edits: the Dolphin mix, used for the video, and the BiR Bish Bosh Mix, a more radio friendly mix used for Kylie's public performances of the track. The BiR Soundtrack, a 13 minute masterpiece of which the Dolphin Mix is an edit, completed the trio. The confusion about the song (which was the single version?!) probably also hindered the song's progress in the charts (the Dolphin Mix is a spoken, sultry version, whereas the Bish Bosh Mix is a standard poppy, typical Kylie version).

The final single to be released from the album was planned to be Time Will Pass You By, produced by M People. Instead, in October 1995, Kylie collaborated with Nick Cave on the track Where the Wild Roses Grow. Although a good track musically, the lyrics are quite depressing, describing the murder of Kylie's character Eliza Day. Despite only reaching number 11 in the UK charts, it brought Kylie some much needed credibility.

A number of tracks were recorded for the 1994 album which didn't make it to the final cut. These included a number of tracks with the Rapino Brothers, such as Aston Martin and For All I'm Worth (both of which later found their way onto the web), Gotta Move On and Difficult By Design (both of which were released on the Hits+ album released in 2000 by deConstruction, after the release of Kylie's first album with Parlophone, Light Years). Other unreleased tracks from this period in Kylie's career include At the End of the Day (which leaked in 2010), Living For Your Loving, Love Is On The Line, No Turning Back, Our Lovin' / Light That I Was Looking For and When Are You Coming Home? Unconfirmed unreleased tracks include Cruel Lover, Don't Let It Go To Your Head, Sex On Legs and Your Secret Love.

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