The first single from the next album was released in August 1991, only three months after the final single from the previous album. Entitled Word Is Out, it featured b-side Say The Word - I'll Be There.

Interesting(?) fact: A different mix was released in Australia (the so-called Summer Breeze mix).

The video features Kylie in a very risqué outfit, surrounded by gangsters. Davina McCall stars as one of Kylie's mates. Unfortunately, Word Is Out was Kylie's first single not to reach the top 10 in the UK (reaching only number 16), breaking her run of 13 top 10 hits.

In October, Kylie released her fourth studio album Let's Get To It. Seen by many as a bit of a rushed album, it does still feature some highly memorable tracks. It also represented a more grown-up Kylie, her name featuring in the writing credits of six of the ten tracks.

The follow-up to Word Is Out followed a week later. The beautiful ballad duet with American singer Keith Washington If You Were With Me Now (b-side I Guess I Like It Like That) did better in the charts, reaching number four in the UK.

In November 1991, the Visionmasters released a reworking of Kylie's album track I Guess I Like it Like That in the form of Keep on Pumpin' It Up. Unfortunately, it only made number 49 in the UK charts.

Kylie's third single from Let's Get To It, the cover of the 1970 hit by Chairmen of the Board, Give Me Just A Little More Time, followed in January 1992. Another number two hit for Kylie, it featured b-side Do You Dare? which, incidentally, was released on a 12" promo in its own right, credited to 'Angel K', rather than Kylie directly.

GMJALMT was followed in April by Finer Feelings, with video set in France (this was originally scheduled for released after IYWWMN, but Pete Waterman didn't want to release two ballads in a row). It was Kylie's first collaboration with Brothers in Rhythm duo Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman, who remixed the song for release. Finer Feelings, unfortunately, was Kylie's worst performing single in Australia, reaching only number 60 in the charts (but reaching a respectable number 11 in the UK).

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