The first single from the 3rd era of Kylie's career was arguably one of Kylie's best singles ever: Better the Devil You Know. Despite not quite hitting the top spot in the charts (only reaching number 2), it is one of Kylie's most famous songs, and is often termed an "anthem" by her fans. Released in April 1990, the b-side was I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) , a track from the previous Enjoy Yourself album.

Better the Devil You Know was recently covered by Steps (although, obviously, their version completely failed to recreate the wonder of Kylie's original version). BTDYK represented a turning point in Kylie's career - it was at this time that she started to have more control of her releases. In fact, she wouldn't let Pete Waterman see the video to BTDYK until it was completely finished (in my opinion, this video is one of the best, if not the best, Kylie video ever).

The single was re-released in Australia in 1998 as one of a number of re-releases of some of Mushroom record's "classic" singles. This new version included a previously unreleased remix (the Movers and Shakers Mix).

Despite an original version of What Do I Have to Do? being planned as the follow up to BTDYK (and even played by Pete Waterman on his radio show), Step Back In Time was released instead in October 1990. The video features Kylie in 70s Disco gear, cruising the streets in an open top car. The single reached number four in the UK charts.

Step Back In Time was followed by the release of Kylie's third album, Rhythm of Love. It was the first Kylie album to have more than 10 tracks (OK, so perhaps 11 isn't that many more than 10, but I'm sure it's significant somehow...). One album track, One Boy Girl, features the rapping talents of The Poetess (no, I don't know either...). Another album track is Things Can Only Get Better, not to be confused with the different song of the same name by D-Reem (note: Kylie's version came first). (While we're on the subject, the UK's Eurovision entry by Sonia, Better the Devil You Know, was also a completely different song to the original Kylie single).

The album was re-released in May 1991 in a special limited edition gold version. It featured a different (gold) sleeve and 3 bonus remixes of Step Back in Time, What Do I Have To Do? and Shocked.

The next single, in January 1991, was What Do I Have To Do?, Pete Waterman's favourite Kylie single ever. It reached number six in the UK charts. Interesting(?) fact: The video features Kylie's sister, Dannii.

The final single from Rhythm of Love was not the album's title track, despite being promoted by Kylie at the time of the release of Step Back in Time, but Shocked, released in May 1991 and reaching number six in the charts. It was the first Kylie track to be remixed by an outside source, in this case the then famous DNA (who had recently had a hit with Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner). The single version features a rap by the large but wonderful Jazzy P, who also features in the video.

Also during this period, Kylie recorded a track entitled I Am The One For You with Harding/Curnow. It became the only unreleased track from her PWL years, but made an appearence on the Greatest Remix Hits Volume 4 compilation released in Australia in 1998.

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