Kylie launched herself into the worldwide pop market at the end of December 1987 with the release of her first single outside of Australia, I Should Be So Lucky. Probably helped by her popularity in the daytime soap, Neighbours, I Should Be So Lucky reached number 1 in both the UK and Australian charts, and became the first single ever to achieve such a feat.

The follow-up single, Got to be Certain reached number 2 in the UK in May, and Kylie's first album, simply entitled Kylie, followed in July to reach number one, selling millions all over the world.

Next came a cover of The Loco-motion (a different version to that originally released in Australia prior to Kylie joining PWL and the Mike Stock/Matt Aitken/Pete Waterman (SAW) writing/producing team). The b-side was I'll Still Be Loving You, an album track.

Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi became another solo number two hit in October 1988 (with b-side Made In Heaven - originally due to be a double a-side), followed in November by the duet with Jason Donovan, Especially For You which gave Kylie another number one single (with b-side duet All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine).

Although these were the only singles released worldwide, Turn It Into Love was a number one hit in Japan (originally recorded by Hazell Dean), and It's No Secret was a hit in both Japan and the USA (it was also suggested for release in the UK after Especially for You, but withdrawn due to the impending release of Hand On Your Heart).

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